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a powerful, innovative event ticketing platform that make ticketing how it should be, rather than how it has been.

Trusted by some of the most recognised venues, artists & teams around the world

A fully-integrated box office solution that caters to audiences, agencies, venues, promoters, and artists. We're committed to making ticketing more accessible, user-friendly, and rewarding for everyone involved.

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turbocharged ticketing

A ticket should be so much more than just an admission token. That’s why we’ve engineered tixity from the ground-up to extend the possibilities of what ticketing can be. All the features you’d expect, built to meet the demands of the modern consumer – including:

flexible & future proof

With customer expectations continually being reshaped; tixity brings you live event ticketing solutions complete with the tools and functionality you need to upgrade and exceed in every part of the ticketing journey. From ticket types to membership plans, optimised pricing to extended distribution – we’ve got you covered.

happy audiences all around with jaw-droppingly good shopping experiences

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secure & audience first

Our anti-scalping ticket validation significantly reduces the chance of tickets going to resellers instead of well-deserving fans.


Win the trust of your audiences by putting them first at every step of the ticketing journey:

ticketing solutions that are secure, trusted and put the customer first
packed with muscle to deliver for every occasion

packed with muscle

We’re proven to handle ticket sales for some of the biggest venues and artists in the world.


Whether it’s high volume / capacity or peak traffic moments, we’re ready to flex & scale to meet the demand and bring pain-free ticketing for popular, in-demand events.


Make your next event on-sale a knockout success.

connecting audiences & experiences

By combining our technological savvy with an audience-first attitude, we’re simplifying and modernising ticketing as you know it. We’ve left no stone unturned in pursuit of advancing every part of the ticketing journey: 

tixity makes it effortless for audiences to access experiences, and for venues, shows and teams to have seamless access to their audiences.

innovative ticketing solutions built for the demands of modern audiences

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